Why I’m on a quest to fight depression

The depression quest is not over.

With an estimated 10.5 million Americans in the throes of depression, it’s an epidemic that has killed more than 300,000 people.

Now, I’m trying to find a cure.

I’m on an antidepressant journey to cure depression.

The journey started in 2015 when I had the first round of a drug called Lululemon’s First Choice.

For the first year, I took it to help with my sleep, and I was able to get back into the groove of my life.

But the next year, my life got a little too complicated, and a new drug came along.

The new drug, Prozac, was a blockbuster medication.

It helped me relax, but it also helped me feel better.

I also got my body to stop working overtime, so I could stop being depressed.

I was finally in a place where I could go to bed and not worry about it anymore.

I went back to sleep and had the biggest night of my entire life.

I woke up feeling fine.

So, when I took Prozac in the summer of 2017, I didn’t know it would affect me for the rest of my adult life.

But after my Prozac dose, I began feeling more depressed and anxious every day.

It was clear to me that I needed a more robust treatment plan.

I started to look at alternatives to the antidepressants, and soon found Prozac.

When Prozac kicked in, I felt like a different person.

I had less depression, more energy, and more energy was finding me.

I found myself smiling at all of my friends and family, and enjoying the company of my favorite movies and music.

I felt happy and fulfilled.

And I was not alone.

In a little over a year, nearly 200,000 Americans in remission from depression had used Prozac alone or in combination with other antidepressants.

And Prozac is now the most prescribed antidepressant in the U.S. Every year, about 50,000 to 70,000 adults with depression relapse to a depressive episode, and Prozac can help with that relapse.

With all of the news around the world about Prozac and its potential for treating depression, people have begun to question whether the drugs work.

We need to get rid of the stigma that has been around Prozac for decades.

But for the first time, we need to be willing to talk about what is going on.

This article first appeared in Wired magazine.

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