What to know about the depression definition

Economic depression is defined as the economic distress caused by a major change in the economy, such as a drop in the price of a product or service, or an increase in unemployment.

Depression-related financial problems can include financial hardships, lost earnings, medical costs and other losses that have a significant impact on a person’s ability to meet basic needs.

In addition, depression-related health problems can result in serious problems that impact the ability to work and make ends meet.

The symptoms of economic depression are often similar to those associated with a major illness, such a stroke, heart attack, or cancer.

They may include: feeling miserable and overwhelmed, having difficulty getting enough sleep, feeling irritable, feeling anxious or depressed, feeling sad, and experiencing thoughts of suicide.

Economic depression can occur when there is an economic downturn, a drop of economic activity, a financial crisis or other major event, or when people are faced with a financial hardship.

For example, in October of this year, the unemployment rate was 9.9 percent, down from 10.4 percent a year earlier.

However, a downturn in the manufacturing sector may cause many workers to lose their jobs.

Some people also may not be able to find work because of a medical condition.

There are also a variety of other factors that can cause economic depression.

Economic recession means there has been a major drop in economic activity.

This can include layoffs and job cuts.

Job cuts are often temporary or short-term.

Job losses can also occur during a recession, such an unemployment rate of 8.4 to 10.9.

However when unemployment reaches 10 percent, the financial hardship is felt more.

A decrease in economic output or revenue is also a contributing factor.

Economic hardship can also be caused by illness or by the effects of an injury or disease.

The severity of economic distress can depend on many factors, including whether or not people are able to make ends pay, and whether or what health conditions they have.

The National Institute of Mental Health has released a guide for families and caregivers to help them identify symptoms of depression.

They also have resources to help people who may have trouble sleeping and being able to work.

If you or someone you know has symptoms of a major depression, talk to your family doctor.

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