This anime is depressing. And I don’t like it.

The first episode of the anime series by the Shogakukan animation studio of the same name, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, has gone viral.

Its been shared more than 15,000 times on Twitter, and the original tweet was shared more then 4,000,000.

It’s a beautiful, uplifting anime that’s a joy to watch and to think about, and it’s also a source of immense sadness.

The series takes place in a dystopian world where humans are treated as disposable and the only hope for mankind is to build their own artificial brains and brains made out of recycled human brains.

This dystopian future is in contrast to the world of Dangan Ronpa, the second series from the Shinsengumi, a Japanese band of young men who play video games and have been working together since 2010 to make video games that people enjoy.

The Danganrons have been fighting to save humanity from a new breed of robot, and to make their own creations that are better than robots, or to destroy robots altogether.

In DanganRonpa 2, the human characters are a lot less scary, a lot more friendly, and a lot closer to humans, than they were in Danganpa.

But DanganRin, the show’s Japanese title, is not only depressing, it’s downright depressing.

For one, the series is a work of art in and of itself.

The characters are all drawn and drawn well, but in the end, the characters’ actions are so dumb, it just seems like they’re doing what they think is the right thing, even if they don’t know it.

There are so many characters, all having different personalities, so many plot devices, and so many jokes, it can feel like a cartoon.

The show starts out pretty good, but it quickly loses its way.

It starts out with the main character, Kazuma Kiryu, a young man who’s just been released from prison.

His life is fine, but he doesn’t really want to leave prison.

He wants to live his life in peace, and he doesn, so he has no regrets about his past.

In the first episode, he does something that he’s proud of, he kills a man who killed his father.

In episode two, he goes to the local police station and shoots a police officer who’s trying to arrest him.

In all three episodes, he murders people for no reason.

There’s no remorse, no emotion, no reason for him to kill, no justification for killing, no empathy.

It’s a completely unbalanced, one-dimensional story.

Then, the protagonist, Rie, is introduced.

Rie is a girl with a small, but distinct, personality, and she’s trying her best to hide it.

She’s the only one of the group who doesn’t kill, because she wants to protect the other girls, who she believes are more important than her.

But she’s also kind of a loner.

She can’t help but feel like she’s the victim of her own actions.

In episode four, a mysterious man named Ryoji Kiryu shows up at the school, and takes the students hostage.

Ryoiji then reveals that he has a plan.

Ries plans are to create a machine that will wipe out all human life on Earth.

He then tells the students that they must kill him or else.

When the student kills Ryoiji, the machine breaks, and all the students die.

The next day, the students go back to school, thinking that everything is okay, but that the whole world is on fire.

They’ve lost everything, but their hope has never been extinguished.

In a world where nothing is normal, there is no way to escape this.

This is the bleakest thing in the show.

The world is just so far gone that it can only be imagined.

And that’s the point of the series: It is the darkest thing in this world.

In an episode titled “The First Battle,” the protagonist finds himself on a train to a distant land.

It is a world full of people who hate him and who will do anything to kill him.

And he just can’t get off the train.

It takes him all the way to a remote island.

It has nothing to do with the story of DANGAUNP, but the island is named after the Japanese word for “the place where the first battle was fought.”

In an interview with the official website for DanganMonpa, Shogaku and Shinsens creator Shunsuke Ito talked about the anime’s theme, the fact that the story is about people fighting, and that the characters are so unbalanced and shallow.

The story begins with the protagonist Ryojuu Kiryu and his friend, Ryo.

Raku is a quiet kid who wants to be a detective, but Ryo is an idealist who wants nothing to be true.

He loves being in

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