New Zealanders struggle to get antidepressants, treatment for depression

August 8, 2021 0 Comments

New Zealand is struggling to find treatments for people suffering from depression, as the country’s new mental health strategy comes into effect.

The National Mental Health Strategy aims to reduce stigma around mental health and address stigma around substance use.

It will be implemented in 2020 and cover everything from mental health care to alcohol and drug use, according to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

It comes after a raft of new legislation including a new mental disorder act, aimed at tackling substance use and addiction, was introduced in January, following years of failed efforts by the previous government to pass legislation.

Ms Ardernn said in a statement the Government was now taking the lead in tackling the root causes of depression.

“New Zealanders are facing a massive mental health crisis, and we need to do everything we can to make sure people can access the support they need,” she said.

“This includes the introduction of new mental disorders, including depression.”

The National Health Act passed in January 2016, set out new regulations for mental health services, which include a ban on prescription medication, a requirement for doctors to prescribe medication, and a new “duty of care” for doctors and nurses to deal with people who have mental health issues.

Ms Armdale said the new National Mental Heath Strategy was a key part of the Government’s strategy.

“We’ve already seen the results of the strategy on suicide rates, which has been very positive, so we’re now looking at what else can be done to help people deal with depression,” she explained.

“And I think that includes the development of better ways to engage people in the process of getting help and the treatment of depression.”

Ms Armale said the strategy would also address the stigma associated with mental health, with a number of measures in place to address the issue.

“It will help reduce the stigma around depression and other mental health conditions, including suicide,” she noted.

“Depression is one of the most underreported mental health problems in New Zealand and the National Mental Hygiene Strategy aims at making sure that people can get the support that they need.”

New Zealand has an estimated 30,000 people living with depression, according the National Centre for Social and Economic Research.

Depression treatmentsThe National Suicide Prevention Strategy, released in June, states depression should be treated as a mental disorder.

The strategy outlines five key strategies to help patients, including:A focus on the individual, such as a structured support plan to address symptoms, and getting support from others in your life, such a support group, a support network, or the right support provider.

A support group to help support each person individually.

Supporting people who are at risk of suicidal ideation, including people who use alcohol, drugs, or tobacco, or who are struggling with depression or other mental illness, to help them find support and support groups, to talk about their issues.

“The most important thing is that everyone has access to the best available mental health treatment options,” the strategy states.

“If there is a problem, we need the help of the person we are talking to.”

The strategy also states that all of the treatments, which are currently available, should be combined to provide the most effective treatment, as there are many different treatments available.

Depressed people are also more likely to use alcohol or take drugs, and can have mental disorders including anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

There is a national mental health summit to be held in the next few weeks, with more information available on the National Council on Mental Health’s website.

“For people who struggle with depression and are struggling to get treatment for it, it is important that people have access to support and that it is available to them,” Ms Armdale told 7.30.

“We have a great plan for the National Health Strategy that is coming into effect in 2020.”

People will have access, whether they are accessing support through the National Workplace Relations and Suicide Prevention Forum or through the mental health service, to access a mental health professional.

“I think it is also important that we have a plan in place for people to access mental health support that can help them through their own problems and help them to get help.”

Ms Arden said the Government would work closely with mental healthcare providers to ensure mental health was integrated into mental health systems.

“Our role as a nation is to care for the sick and to take care of the sick.

We are not going to get rid of the ill, but we are going to make it easier for them to access care and support.”

Ms Kewell said she had seen first hand how difficult it can be for people who had suffered mental health difficulties, especially in the past.

“You get really sad and then you start to think about what has happened, and you start thinking about what might have happened to you.

It is a really hard thing to talk to people about,” she told 7:30.”

To be honest, it has been quite hard

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