‘It was difficult, but I felt I was ready’ – Lecce says goodbye to her newborn son

Rome: Francesca Lecci, who gave birth to a son at the end of September, was faced with depression, anger and suicidal thoughts.

“It was very hard for me because I was trying to cope with the loss of my baby,” she told the AFP news agency.

“I had a lot of problems, but when I was depressed I started thinking about suicide.

I also had suicidal thoughts about my job.”

She felt she had no choice but to give birth to her second son, Angelo, at home in Rome’s Palazzo di Siena on October 12, after her partner left the country for Switzerland.

“In a way I was responsible for Angelo,” she said.

Lecce had been due to deliver her second child in Italy on January 2, but was forced to take time off work due to the birth. “

But I did it because I wanted to live.” 

Lecce had been due to deliver her second child in Italy on January 2, but was forced to take time off work due to the birth.

“The reason I was not able to go to work was because I had given birth to Angelo, and I felt that I could not work in Italy anymore,” she explained. 

“I was so depressed that I had suicidal thinking, and then I had my baby.

I cried all the time.

I wanted my baby to be happy.” “

All I could think of was that I was going to die.

I wanted my baby to be happy.” 

On Monday, the mother of two said she was happy with her decision to have the baby, despite the pain. 

She was “very relieved” to have him in her arms.

“We cried and hugged each other and it felt good to be with my child.

I hope Angelo will be happy,” she added. 

The baby has since been named Angelo, after his father Angelo Sieno, who died in 2015. 

Lacci’s husband, Giuseppe, has been in hospital since the birth and is currently undergoing treatment. 

On October 13, Lecces son Angelo was born in a private clinic in Rome, where he is now being treated for depression and anxiety. 

Italian newspaper La Repubblica reported that Lecchi is now considering going back to the country. 

A spokesperson for the health ministry said: “The decision was made by the health minister.

It is not a new one and the minister does not intend to change it.”

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