How to stop yourself from falling into depression

Why is depression such a big deal?

It’s hard to define, but it’s definitely a mental illness.

And depression can have a huge impact on our lives.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to cope with this, but the problem arises when depression becomes too big a problem.

I’m here to tell you that you can actually make the transition to a healthier way of living with depression, and there are steps you can take to help you do just that.

Read more: What is depression?

What causes it?

How do you deal with it?

Read more 1/6 Your mind and body need each other, too It may sound counterintuitive, but depression is a mental health problem.

When we’re stressed or anxious, we can feel like we’re drowning in our own thoughts.

It can feel as if we’re “not myself”.

This can be particularly painful for people with depression.

We need to feel supported by those around us, whether that means people in our immediate surroundings or a support network.

But we also need to acknowledge that we’re not the only ones struggling with depression and that we all need each others help.

So how can we both take care of ourselves and support each other?

Find out how to: get support from family and friends, or get involved in a support group like 2/6 How can I cope with depression?

It can be hard to find the right support, but a lot of people find it useful to talk to a mental healthcare professional.

These people can help you to: talk about your feelings and worries, and support you to find support in the community, or through support groups like Mind, Mindline or Mensline.

talk about what you’re going through and how you might be able to help, and help you make plans to support yourself and other people with mental health problems.

find out about other people who may be experiencing the same thing.

talk to someone who is able to understand and empathise with your struggles and concerns, and listen to their stories.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental illness, talk to your GP.

This can help to get you started on treatment.

If your GP isn’t able to offer you support, it’s worth talking to a counsellor, as they can offer you the support you need.

For more advice on what to do, and how to get support, talk with your GP, mental health professional, or seek help online.

3/6 Where can I find more help?

Find a support organisation in your area to find out more about depression and mental health services.

Mental Health Scotland offers advice and support to help people to manage mental health issues.

National Mental Health Foundation offers advice on how to manage your mental health.

National Alliance for Mental Health (NAMI) is a national charity that provides services and information to support people affected by mental health conditions.

Mental Illness Scotland is a non-profit, voluntary organisation which works to improve the mental health of the general public.

They also provide information on mental health for people experiencing difficulties in finding a support system.

They’re on Twitter: @mentalillness Scotland 4/6 What if I don’t have a GP?

If you’re unable to get help at the moment, you can always contact a GP for advice.

You can get help from your GP or mental health service if you’re worried you might not be getting the help you need and are unsure of what to expect.

NHS Choices is a free NHS-funded helpline which provides information on health, mental wellbeing, support and referral.

You or a family member can also call NHS 111 for help.

If there’s an emergency, you’ll be referred to your local GP. 5/6 Do I have to be suicidal to be diagnosed with depression or bipolar disorder?


Although there is a link between depression and bipolar disorder, there is no proven link.

The best way to reduce your risk of developing depression is to avoid triggers, such as: a stressful life event, being anxious, feeling lonely or having problems concentrating.

It’s important to remember that depression can be treatable, and some treatments, like cognitive behavioural therapy and medication, can help.

6/6 Is there a difference between bipolar disorder and depression?

No, although there is an increased risk of depression in people who have bipolar disorder.

Depression is a normal part of the human experience.

It may be more common in older people, people with lower socioeconomic status, and people with a history of mental health disorders, such a alcohol or drug problem.

Find more information about bipolar disorder in Scotland.

1/7 What are some signs you may be suffering from depression?

Depression is known to cause feelings of hopelessness and hopelessness can feel real.

Some people feel like they can’t function or are unable to go about their daily lives.

The symptoms of depression include: feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, low energy, difficulty concentrating, trouble sleeping, difficulty sleeping at night, changes in your appetite, weight loss and

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