How to help yourself cope with manic depression

August 8, 2021 0 Comments

Help is on the way for people who are struggling with bipolar disorder.

The National Mental Health Foundation’s mental health experts say a growing number of sufferers are asking for help.

They say the number of people seeking treatment is growing.

“There’s a growing demand for services from people who have bipolar disorder,” mental health specialist Dr Sue Kelly said.

“It’s very hard to get people to take the time to actually seek help.”

“So many people are asking themselves ‘how do I help myself, how do I get support for myself?'”

She says the National Mental Habilitation Centre (NMHC) is in a position to offer help.

“What the NMHC does is we run the first service for people with bipolar in Western Australia.”

We offer counselling, medication support, and support groups for those with bipolar.”‘

It’s been very hard for me’Dr Kelly says some sufferers feel isolated.”

They say, ‘I’m in this dark place, I don’t know what to do’,” she said.

The NMHC says a majority of people with depression can help themselves, but there are still some people who need more help.

She says many sufferers don’t want to get involved with mental health services.”

A lot of people will just feel really hopeless about themselves, they’ll feel hopeless about their lives,” she said, “and they may not be able to help themselves.

“Dr Kelly said the majority of mental health patients with bipolar have depression, but they may be feeling depressed because of anxiety.”

You don’t necessarily need to have an episode of depression to be depressed,” she explained.”

But if you’re feeling really low, that’s not necessarily the time for you to be talking to someone about it.

“Dr Jones says it’s a very complex problem.”

People can have bipolar and they can also have depression,” she told News.”

Depression and bipolar are really different.

“So if you have depression you may be struggling with it, and if you also have bipolar you may not have it as much of a problem.

So you may have to be a bit more careful in what you say, you may need to get more help.”

Dr Jessica Jones says people can often get help in their lives if they want it.

“And I think for people that want it, they just need to say to themselves, ‘well I’ve got this really bad day, I’m not going to take it any more’,” she explained, “so it’s really important to have the support that you need to actually get through it.”

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