How to help your kids deal with depression and other stressors

How do you deal with a child who is depressed or anxious?

We all have them, but some of us may have been born with the condition.

Depression is a mental disorder that causes feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, loss of self-worth and an inability to feel connected to others.

Some children with depression may also experience other symptoms such as: Feeling sad or bored when they are not being cared for, or being too clingy or distant, or not being able to hold themselves up in class or social situations, or feeling guilty and resentful for not being a “good” child, or having trouble making friends or feeling that they are being “bored” by their friends, or that they have no friends.

The main symptom of depression is sadness.

It can be caused by an underlying physical or emotional problem such as anxiety or depression.

Depression can also be caused from lack of appropriate support or socialisation.

Depression symptoms include: Feeling unhappy, irritable, hopeless or irritable at times, feeling worthless or unloved, or missing out on opportunities.

Feeling hopeless, unable to find any positive things to do, or even just being sad or lonely.

Feeling angry and/or sad when someone says they are a good child or they don’t have to do anything.

Feeling depressed, and/ or anxious about the future.

Being unable to sleep, feel tired, irritability or a loss of interest in activities.

Being angry or sad when a parent criticises you, or when they try to take you to the toilet.

Feeling lonely or lonely when they do not see you as part of their family.

Feeling afraid of being rejected by family or friends, as well as feeling lonely or depressed.

Feeling overwhelmed and/ and/ not able to cope with social situations.

Feeling unable to enjoy activities because of their symptoms.

Feeling sad, angry or upset at times when you are not feeling well.

Feeling confused and/ , and/ having difficulty sleeping.

Being afraid of hurting yourself or others.

Being confused about things that have happened recently, and being unable to recall them.

Being unsure of whether you are being loved, loved by someone, loved in a certain way, or loved by a certain person.

Being ashamed or ashamed of something.

Feeling guilty about what happened, and feeling guilty that you didn’t take the appropriate steps to help them, and the person or situation.

Feeling that you don’t deserve someone.

Feeling upset about things you have done recently, especially if you did something wrong or were mean to someone.

Being upset when you do not have a good relationship with someone.

The more symptoms you have, the more likely it is that you will be depressed, but there are other possible signs.

These include: Problems sleeping, eating or getting enough sleep.

Being tired or irritably irritable.

Feeling tired or sleepy more often than usual.

Feeling unwell or depressed more often.

Feeling anxious, irritate or depressed in relationships or other social situations that do not involve you or involve your children.

Feeling jealous or jealous of other people, especially a child.

Being overly affectionate.

Being fearful of others, especially children.

Being uncooperative, controlling, and controlling in relationships.

Feeling bored, and not able or willing to take part in activities that involve people, such as play, learning or playmaking.

Feeling irritable or unfulfilled in relationships with people.

Feeling unhappy or depressed when you feel stressed, lonely, anxious, and you don.

Feeling a lack of control or control over your life.

Being emotionally unstable or suicidal.

Feeling helpless or lacking motivation or motivation for activities that you do want to do.

Feeling self-conscious about being fat, ugly, or other undesirable things that you might be perceived as.

Feeling insecure about your body, and insecure about the way you look.

Feeling ashamed about who you are.

Feeling guilt, shame or self-hatred about your health or your appearance.

Feeling uncomfortable with others or feeling alone.

Feeling unsure about who they are and what they think about you, and about what you want.

Feeling bad about yourself.

Feeling concerned about how others will perceive you.

Feeling scared or depressed about your self-esteem, or about how you feel about yourself, and how others view you.

Not being able or interested in things you do or think you should do.

Being irritable and/ about how they are treating you or how they will treat you.

Being anxious or depressed and/ / or having difficulty concentrating.

Being concerned about what others think of you or what they may think about your appearance or your family.

Being sad, depressed or unhappy about how things are going.

Feeling lost or alone.

Being frustrated or upset by other people or things.

Being unhappy or sad about something or someone.

Not caring about your own wellbeing.

Being lonely or not having a good or close relationship with anyone.

Not feeling at ease or feeling vulnerable.

Not wanting to interact with people, or to feel the need to do so.

Feeling very angry or hurt about something,

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