How to find out if you have bipolar depression

Irish doctors have been advised to ask patients about their symptoms, so that doctors can work out whether they are genetically predisposed to bipolar depression.

The advice comes in the wake of a spate of suicides among patients with bipolar disorder.

The new advice comes after a spate, of suicides, among patients who have been diagnosed with bipolar depression in Ireland.

It was developed after the suicide of a young woman in Cork, and has now been adopted by the Irish Medical Association.

Dr. Peter O’Connor, chairman of the Irish Psychiatric Association’s (IMA) Committee on Psychological Treatment and Care, said he was surprised by the uptake of the advice.

He said the new advice was not a “top-down approach”, but rather the best way to understand the risk of depression in patients with mental illness.

“We don’t know if there are genetic predispositions, but the new guidelines from the American Psychiatric Association suggest that people with depression have a 1.5-to-2.5 times higher risk of developing the disorder than people with no psychiatric symptoms,” he said.

“The new guidance will be useful for psychiatrists working with patients with mood disorders.”

It was the first time the IMA has endorsed a scientific statement on the genetic basis of depression.

Dr O’Brien said the recommendation would allow doctors to “talk to patients about how they are feeling” and “talk about how to treat their depression”.

“I have seen people who have tried everything, including drugs, and who have died.

We are very aware that this is a disease that affects millions of people worldwide,” he added.

“It is very difficult to get people to talk about their feelings.”

The advice will apply to patients with a diagnosis of bipolar depression and is expected to be rolled out in Ireland in the next few months.

Irish psychiatrist Dr James Gallagher said there was an “urgent need” for guidance on the genetics of depression and said the issue was a “hugely important” one.

“If there is a genetic predisposition, we have to be very careful to make sure that we are getting the correct treatment,” he told RTÉ’s Morning Ireland.

Dr Gallagher said it was not only depression that needed to be treated, but also other mental health problems, including eating disorders.

He suggested that patients could “take a long hard look” at themselves before they make a decision about taking antidepressants.

Dr Robert Murphy, chief executive of the Association of Mental Health Professionals Ireland, said there were currently about 1,000 psychiatrists working in Ireland, and more than 600 were working with depression.

“We are a small country, and it’s quite hard to get our attention and our attention is needed at all times,” he explained.

“People need help.

We have got to make a stand, we need to talk to patients, we are doing our best, and we have got an epidemic in this country.”

Dr Murphy said the most important thing is to recognise the genetic nature of the disorder.

We want to know how the depression is going, what their thoughts are, what is going on with their life, what the triggers are.” “

These are people who are going through a crisis and need to be supported.

We want to know how the depression is going, what their thoughts are, what is going on with their life, what the triggers are.”

The Irish Mental Health Society said there are now around 1,300 psychiatrists in Ireland and that mental health services are struggling to cope with the increasing number of patients coming to them for help.

The society has also been working with the Irish government to help with its response to the crisis.

“This is a massive problem, it’s the largest problem we have ever had in Ireland,” said Dr Gallagher.

“As a society, we’re really going to have to step up to the plate.”

And the political debate is really going in the wrong direction, we haven’t got the political will to tackle the problem.”

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