Depression, loneliness and more – The sad and the funny quotes

August 2, 2021 0 Comments

In the UK, we are still seeing a rise in the numbers of people experiencing mental illness, and the number of people seeking help with depression.

But there is a new phenomenon that’s happening more and more often: lonely people. 

For most people, loneliness isn’t a problem that comes up as they go about their day, says Hurd. “

But I think they’re also trying to be the ones who are most likely to help.” 

For most people, loneliness isn’t a problem that comes up as they go about their day, says Hurd.

It’s something that comes about as they become more and the pressures of their day become more severe.

It can be the result of a stressful job, the pressure of the workplace, the stress of relationships, the effects of an illness or trauma, or it can be something that you’re trying hard to avoid. 

The statistics tell a similar story: in 2010, the average person in the UK suffered from one depressive episode a month, according to research published in the journal PLOS One. 

For people who are experiencing depression, Hurd believes it’s the combination of these stresses that is most likely driving people to seek help. 

It’s also a time when people feel like they’re struggling.

“The people who I know are really struggling and trying to figure out what to do with their lives and their health,” he says. 

In order to find out what you’re likely to face, it helps to know how you’re going to feel when you have a mental health crisis, says Scott.

“When you feel like you’re in the grips of a mental illness and the symptoms are getting worse and worse, it’s actually really good to know that people with depression are often the ones going through the most difficulty.” 

What you need to know about depression, loneliness, and depression quotes, photos, links, depression photos article  Loneliness and depression can come in many different forms.

Some people are struggling to meet a daily need to socialise, others find it hard to cope with the constant pressures of work, while others have trouble finding the time to spend with their loved ones.

Hurd and his colleagues at Mental Health England (MHE) have seen many of these people with their Mental Health Service, where they’ve found a way to help them cope with this crisis. 

MHE’s mental health service provides support to people experiencing emotional, mental and physical health problems, and offers advice on how to cope, to help you feel better, and to find the support you need. 

 The service aims to: help people understand how they can improve their wellbeing and reduce their distress; develop an understanding of how your mental health is affecting you; help you identify and manage triggers that may be contributing to your depression; give you tips and support for managing your depression and other mental health problems; build relationships and build positive support networks. 

They also offer support to those with anxiety and other health conditions. 

But it’s not just the service that’s aimed at helping people.

It offers a range of other services, including: a community-based mental health support group, where people can: have a frank and open conversation with a member of staff or mental health professional about their own health; receive support and support skills to help manage their stress, cope with emotional and physical problems, manage their mental health, and find ways to make themselves feel better; have the opportunity to attend workshops, meet new people and discover new things; work with a support worker to support a person in their mental wellbeing; make appointments with mental health professionals and support organisations; talk to someone from a mental wellbeing support group; find ways to support yourself, your family, and your loved ones in your life; access a range to support those struggling with depression; and visit a mental wellness clinic. 

More about depression source New Scientist article The new MHE service has a range of services, ranging from self-help classes and support groups, to crisis support, including one in which participants can: talk to a counsellor about how to deal with their stress and manage their emotions; meet a therapist to support them in their care and to explore the mental health issues that may affect them; learn about mental health treatment and how it can help them; and  learn how to seek support for their mental and emotional health. 

If you or anyone you know is struggling with a mental disorder, MHG can provide you with: support for your mental wellbeing, including advice on coping with your mental and medical conditions, support and information about accessing mental health services, and access to specialist mental health experts to help with your personal and family care needs. 

To find out more about MHG

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