What is bipolar depression?

Depression during covida is a serious illness that affects nearly one in four people in the UK and has been linked to heart problems, stroke and cancer.It’s the most common

I had a brief flare-up of depression for a few days last year but I’ve had a lot of good support and support through therapy

I’ve been diagnosed with a severe mood disorder and anxiety.I’m an independent contractor, and I’ve worked in various industries for over five years.The symptoms have been going on for almost

Which medication are you taking to combat postpartum depressive symptoms?

According to a survey of more than 5,000 women in the United States, about a third of women who experienced postpartums depression use prescription antidepressants, and another 30 percent use

A prayer for depression epidemic

By: Daniel C. Laughlin, MD and Lisa K. Brown, MD, PhD – The American Journal of Psychiatry, Vol.157, Issue.9, p. 938.Published: March 01, 2018 05:33:32A major depression epidemic is on

How to get a prescription for depression?

There is no substitute for treatment, but some medications are recommended to treat depression, including antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, and anti-depressants.Depression is often a chronic illness and is often treated with

How to diagnose depression, and what to do if you suspect it

Some of the symptoms of depression are similar to those of a physical illness, and many people with depression have symptoms of anxiety, sadness and even suicidal thoughts.Depression is the

How to create the perfect chocolate depression glass

Posted October 09, 2018 11:12:14When you’re dealing with the effects of depression, chocolate may not be the only thing that will do you good.But if you want to add a

How to help yourself cope with manic depression

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Help is on the way for people who are struggling with bipolar disorder.The National Mental Health Foundation’s mental health experts say a growing number of sufferers are asking for help.They

Why is dog depression more common than depression?

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In some ways, dog depression is more common.About one-third of people who suffer from dog depression have a family member or friend who also suffers from it.And in dog depression,

8 reasons you shouldn’t fall asleep to ‘Amber Waves’ (via Soundcloud)

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The soundtrack to the first ‘Amerika’ film, ‘Ares’ is a dark and twisted dreamscape where Amber Waves (Dee Dee Snider) lives on the edge of a cliff, while her older

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