Monday, February 22, 2016

Rant from an Almost Soccer Mom

Here it is nearing the end of February and I have not posted in so long.  I have drafts sitting there.  I have a draft on my hormones, a draft on dating after divorce, and I have one on depression that pretty much crippled me for a week while I was writing it...yeah, that opened up a whole bunch of feels...but what is going to be the one I post?  A new one I write today crabbing about my Monday.

Co-parenting blows.

When I was in California at a conference last month I was being texted by my wasband to make a decision on being a soccer mom.  Yes.  In the middle of a conference where he had our son because I was out of town for said conference.  Apparently that moment was the only instance that the thought of soccer occurred and it was in that only instance that a decision had to be made.

Well, last night I was forwarded an email from the soccer coach about a practice they want to do Saturday.  Saturday that I already have plans for.  I email the soccer coach to get my name in his contacts so I don't have to wait for things to be forwarded to me.  I also ask for more information and when games start.  Monday morning starts with me finding out the games start on the weekend of my son's birthday.  It is a weekend where I am not only in the middle of planning a joint birthday party on the Saturday BUT I also have a vendor event on Sunday.

I send the wasband a text "I just want to tell you I am already annoyed with this soccer shit.  Schedule doesn't come out until next week and the first weekend of games is his birthday weekend and I am in the middle of planning his party"

       Wasband - "You know more than I do. Until Yesterday I actually forgot about it. I do have shoes and shin guards for him"

Me - "Well, that is because I emailed the guy back and asked questions and had him add me to his contacts. "

Wait.  What did he say?  oh yeah - "I ACTUALLY FORGOT ABOUT IT."  What?  He forgot he bugged me during a conference where he had our son when he normally would not have him because I was at said conference.  He forgot that he bugged me for a copy of the birth certificate because apparently you need that for sports.  He forgot that he filled out a form and signed up our son.  He forgot the reason why he has shoes and shin guards laying around his house.  HE FORGOT.  Seriously.  What a bunch of crap.  Really he meant "I didn't give a shit because it really did not pertain to me since I told you I would do the practices through the week and you would do the weekend games" - yeah, that sounds about right.

So games can be anytime from 8am to 4pm and I have to wait around to book a party until there is a schedule and I may end up being a horrible mom by missing his first game because I have to work an event to bring income into the home.