Saturday, August 15, 2015

It has been a while!

I swear I did not intentionally abandon this blog.  Just a little hiatus. It has been over a year since I have logged into this to blog.  The two drafts sitting at the top were kind of like a time capsule.  This one from almost exactly one year ago.

"My last few weeks have had some difficulties...I will just tell you about my life starting yesterday after I got off work...

Under my sink was still leaking
When I went to put the laundry into the dryer, I was greeted by a load of towels that smelled of death as they had been sitting in there not completely dry for a few days
When my child came home from his time with his father I was greeted with a "your child will only get peanut butter sandwiches until the balance is in the positive" - this had me annoyed since I put $100 on this account ten days ago and I knew I would have to talk to multiple people that would all say "this is a new system and we don't know what we are doing"  

After trying to pull the load of laundry from the dryer to put the next load in is when I discovered the stinky towel load was not because I forgot to dry it, it was because the dryer forgot to do its only job and had to be repaired.  When it rains, it pours, and then starts a landslide"

So much has changed in this last year. Well, as for the above my dryer did get fixed and so did my sink and the system with the school...but also my divorce did finally become final.  I survived my child going to kindergarten which meant surviving a year of co-parenting while the other parent has his weekends during the week. I survived yet another holiday season in retail.  I got to go to California for the first Leadership Conference with Jewelscent (and we did a day at Disneyland!).  I have done projects which I will have to do posts/tutorials on.  I have watched horrible movies so I must throw in a :W.T.F. (Weekly Terrible Film)" review here and there.

I think next time I will have to blog about "Online dating as a divorced mom"