Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hot Wheels Bouquet!

As I ran across the empty shell that had been a fabulous bouquet, I remembered that I was saving it to show it to you guys as an idea!

My son was graduating from preschool and I wanted to make it special.  I kept imagining little girls being presented with little bouquets of flowers and that is when it hit me - I CAN MAKE A BOUQUET FOR MY SON!


Of course the idea came to me THAT morning and I had to work so I threw this together while on break at work.  Sorry there are no pictures of the process but it is pretty simple.

I thought 6 cars would be the perfect presentation for a little boy.

  1. I took 6 heavy wires (I should note that I work in a home decor shop as a floral designer so I have access to lots of those floral stems- but you could even use sticks from the yard or dowel rods) and attached pipe cleaners by twisting and adding a dab of hot glue.  (I would have preferred a more subtle color on the pipe cleaners for aesthetics,but we had a bunch of those screaming green ones so...)  
  2. I then twisted the Hot Wheels onto the heavy wires with the pipe cleaner and arranged them into a nice presentation and cut the stems to even them up at the bottom. 
  3. I then took a piece of plain paper, folded it, and then wrapped it around the bouquet.  
  4. I took a bit of woven ribbon to finish it off around the bottom and cut a piece to put in the back.  

Above are photos of the empty bouquet to give you an idea.  You don't just have to do cars, imagine this for any child using any of their favorite toys!  Can you imagine an action figure or Barbie Doll bouquet?  OOOh, or even legos!