Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Birthday Tiara

So a few months ago my bff turned a very significant birthday.  Of course I had to make her a crazy princess tiara to wear.  The ones I could find in the stores just were not big enough...I knew I could make the perfect one!

Time to get creating!

I decided that I would use a cashew container for my form.  It seemed the perfect size to sit on top of my head and would help keep the crown rigid.

I drew a nice crown shape from paper, then traced to thin cardboard (cereal boxes are perfect).  Then glue that cardboard to the form you are using.  Don't forget to put holes in the bottom of the container before gluing everything around it. These holes are how it will attach to the headband.
I used this fun shiny silver to cover the cardboard and gathered some bead and gems - I even found some fur trim for around the base!   I used stick on letters on the hat.  "It's my Birthday" on the front and "Buy me a drink" on the back.  Glued on some huge gems, added glitter glue around the edges (See this post for info on the glittery bottle in that last photo), and attached to the headband.
VOILA!  A birthday crown either to show how much you care, or show how much you want to embarrass your bff!