Saturday, February 15, 2014

The alternate universe collided with mine

I haven't posted in a while and I don't like that.  When I started this blog it seems like I was doing a few per week including my "WTF - Weekly Terrible Film" posts.  I have projects to post on still and one that will be a "pinterest fail" and one that I thought would is turning out okay!

I am not a head shrink, but I can look back and see that I started my blog back in April 2012 because it felt like I was talking to myself - and I was.  I didn't know it at the time (or maybe I subconsciously did) but my husband (yeah, still my husband since my divorce trial isn't until next month) had stopped caring and listening to anything I had to say because he had moved on.  I think bad things can turn into good.  With my blog I have gotten to share a lot of my projects which have helped people craft some amazing gifts to give or ridiculous hats to wear (because the St. Pat's and Mardi Gras hats are getting a lot of hits lately)

I need to make time to write more.  I really need to write more.  It is kind of freeing to get some of these thoughts out of my head, like this next story.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and I had an awkward experience.  Not because of the Holiday.  Just something that happens when an alternate universe crashes into mine.  I am sure there will be more experiences like this one in the future and I need to prepared.

My son, my fella, and I were having lunch in a restaurant when a little girl and her grandmother came to our table.  Because of the noise in the restaurant, I could not understand what the little girl was saying.  The Grandmother says "she says she knows him."   I have never seen the little girl before in my life.  After me asking several questions to puzzle it out, I blurt out "Oh, she knows him from my husband's girlfriend's house"
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That look on the Grandmother's face and the way her "oh" came out says that I need to prepare myself for this situation and have some sort of filter between my brain and mouth. That Grandmother doesn't know that my husband had been taking my son over there years before I kicked him out.  She didn't know that I never care to meet his girlfriend, her child, or anyone that is associated with them and I wanted them to remain in their alternate universe.

I was not prepared for Universes to collide and they will probably collide again.