Monday, November 18, 2013

Vintage Jewelry Box Makover

It is time for another craft on this blog!

I became a sales consultant for JewelScent (shameless plug) and am now addicted.  That thrill of possibly finding real treasure in a product that is awesome by itself?  It is like being a kid and digging your hand in the bottom of the cereal box for the prize!

Anyhow, I have accumulated a nice stack of rings (did I mention that every single JewelScent product contains a ring valued between $10 and $7500?) and will end up with more when my next shipment arrives.  Sooo I have been trying to think of what I could get that will be a cute ring holder for keeping them in and also for display when I am out peddling my product.
While browsing at an antique mall, I found a fun vintage jewelry box and suitcase in the same booth and they were both a blue/green color and coordinated nicely.  I bought them both.  I had already imagined how fun these would be displaying my products.  This post will be all about the jewelry box.  I am still not sure what I want to do with the suitcase yet.

I searched the internet for iideas and found this blog that used multiple fabrics and a cigar box.  I was inspired!

Things you will need:

  • Box  (this can be a jewelry box, cigar box, old small drawer...anything)
  • Foam (I used 1" high-density foam)
  • Fabric
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • marker
I had thought I would be having a ton of fabric cut but I found these bundles of fabric at Joann Fabric and Crafts.  This bundle was called "Fat Eights" and it was on sale this week!  PERFECT!
I just want to point out how cute the fabric is.  
I love all the patterns and colors in this bunch!  It is actually enough to do at least two more jewelry boxes!


I first scrubbed the box with a soft bristle brush and dish soap to get some of the grime off.  I love that it isn't perfect and has worn corners. I found myself daydreaming a little, imagining the treasures that it once held.

Then I ripped out the dirty pink velvet in the tray and the dirty silky background so I could use those for patterns.  I wish the velvet in the bottom would come out. Oh well, I will just glue over that.
I used the tray as a pattern for the foam size and the backing as a new pattern for that.
I also cut a piece of foam for the bottom.  I then measured and cut the foam into one inch slices.  I used scissors which it made it kind of jagged, but it is not noticeable once the fabric has been wrapped on it.
I then ironed out the wrinkles in the fabric and began covering my foam slices.  I just wrapped around the foam and glued the fabric to the bottom of the foam and glued the ends down. 
The pink fabric on the inside/back of the jewelry box had been glued on heavy cardboard.  I just removed as much of the fabric that I could and then glued my fabric over the top and around the edges and put right back in the box.  My fabric was a little thin so I ironed on fusible webbing to the back and then slipped it behind the tray and glued it in.

I then lined up my fabric covered foam slices in the jewelry box.  You could glue these down.  I had intended to, but it all fit so snugly that I didn't feel that I needed it. 
In total this project cost me an evening of crafting and around $25 total for the vintage jewelry box, the foam, and the fabric.  I have leftover foam and fabric for future projects and a jewelry box that is PERFECT for me!

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