Monday, November 18, 2013

Vintage Jewelry Box Makover

It is time for another craft on this blog!

I became a sales consultant for JewelScent (shameless plug) and am now addicted.  That thrill of possibly finding real treasure in a product that is awesome by itself?  It is like being a kid and digging your hand in the bottom of the cereal box for the prize!

Anyhow, I have accumulated a nice stack of rings (did I mention that every single JewelScent product contains a ring valued between $10 and $7500?) and will end up with more when my next shipment arrives.  Sooo I have been trying to think of what I could get that will be a cute ring holder for keeping them in and also for display when I am out peddling my product.
While browsing at an antique mall, I found a fun vintage jewelry box and suitcase in the same booth and they were both a blue/green color and coordinated nicely.  I bought them both.  I had already imagined how fun these would be displaying my products.  This post will be all about the jewelry box.  I am still not sure what I want to do with the suitcase yet.

I searched the internet for iideas and found this blog that used multiple fabrics and a cigar box.  I was inspired!

Things you will need:

  • Box  (this can be a jewelry box, cigar box, old small drawer...anything)
  • Foam (I used 1" high-density foam)
  • Fabric
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • marker
I had thought I would be having a ton of fabric cut but I found these bundles of fabric at Joann Fabric and Crafts.  This bundle was called "Fat Eights" and it was on sale this week!  PERFECT!
I just want to point out how cute the fabric is.  
I love all the patterns and colors in this bunch!  It is actually enough to do at least two more jewelry boxes!


I first scrubbed the box with a soft bristle brush and dish soap to get some of the grime off.  I love that it isn't perfect and has worn corners. I found myself daydreaming a little, imagining the treasures that it once held.

Then I ripped out the dirty pink velvet in the tray and the dirty silky background so I could use those for patterns.  I wish the velvet in the bottom would come out. Oh well, I will just glue over that.
I used the tray as a pattern for the foam size and the backing as a new pattern for that.
I also cut a piece of foam for the bottom.  I then measured and cut the foam into one inch slices.  I used scissors which it made it kind of jagged, but it is not noticeable once the fabric has been wrapped on it.
I then ironed out the wrinkles in the fabric and began covering my foam slices.  I just wrapped around the foam and glued the fabric to the bottom of the foam and glued the ends down. 
The pink fabric on the inside/back of the jewelry box had been glued on heavy cardboard.  I just removed as much of the fabric that I could and then glued my fabric over the top and around the edges and put right back in the box.  My fabric was a little thin so I ironed on fusible webbing to the back and then slipped it behind the tray and glued it in.

I then lined up my fabric covered foam slices in the jewelry box.  You could glue these down.  I had intended to, but it all fit so snugly that I didn't feel that I needed it. 
In total this project cost me an evening of crafting and around $25 total for the vintage jewelry box, the foam, and the fabric.  I have leftover foam and fabric for future projects and a jewelry box that is PERFECT for me!

Friday, November 8, 2013

WTF (Weekly Terrible Film) - Tucker & Dale vs Evil

Man, I haven't done one of these "WTF" posts in a while.

My friend Beth over at Craves, Caves, and Graves suggested this film and boy was I glad she did.

I am going to start this out with a famous quote.
Don't judge a book by its cover - George Elliot, 1860

Seriously.  This entire movie would not have happened if those dumb kids did not judge Tucker and Dale by their appearance - I am glad those kids were dumb because this was great!

Well crap, I called them kids twice in the previous paragraph.  I just turned old folks!

I really don't want to get into too much of the story because you just have to watch it, especially if you like love stories within goofy horror movies having ridiculous accidental deaths that end up being fueled by revenge on a sort of urban legend.  

Did I mention Tucker and Dale have a vacation home?  

Here is the trailer for your viewing pleasure.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I started writing this yesterday and had to push this aside due to my sick child.

It is November and I have finally put my Halloween decorations away. Lots of my FB friends (and I am sure yours also) are posting what they are thankful for each day.  I am not going to join in, instead I thought I would write a blog post.
There are so many things to be thankful for - health, my son, family, friends, living in a free country - crap, right now I am thankful of all the Halloween candy that my child raked in and that IFC is playing Mystery Men.

But in all seriousness, there are just too many things to list.

I think though besides my son, what I am most thankful for are my friends and family.  This past year has had a lot of downs and it was all of you that helped me get through.  Being there, supporting me, caring, sharing your photos and stories to let me escape my life  for a minute.

I know there are a lot of people in similar situations where it seems like a constant stream of crap going wrong.  It gets easy to dwell on all the crap that sucks in your life and it can overtake you so easily. We just have to constantly remind ourselves of all the great things in our lives and know that all the crap we endure just makes us stronger.  Just like Beth said on The Walking Dead, "We've all got jobs to do." we just have to shake it out and be thankful for all that is right.