Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gutter Talk

I wasn't sure where I wanted to go with this blog post, I just knew that I wanted to work it around a photo of dead things in my neighbor's let me just call this one

Everyone that follows my blog knows that I do not have a special place in my heart for my neighbor. ( If you haven't followed along or want a refresher, posts can be found here, here, here, here, here, and here.)

Not really sure how she doesn't have water damage the way the shingles seem to go behind the gutter..but whatever, not my problem.

Oh yeah, we were going to talk about gutter gardens.  They can be quite successful and are pretty great for mounting to a fence or building.  I mean, we spend hours cleaning dirt and plants out of gutters throughout the year, so why not put it all there on purpose?

Before we went the month of July without having much rain, her little trees and plants in those gutters were really thriving and were kind of ridiculously tall, well ridiculously tall for things growing in gutters on top of a house.  Wait, is she trying to have a green roof or a living roof?  Nope.  Just lazy and she doesn't clean her gutters.

I could post a ton of really amazing gutter gardens, but you can do a search on Pinterest and find them.  My plan for next spring/summer is to have something like this going for me.  My back yard has so much shade but on one side, the fence gets some good sun.  I totally could mount some gutters and set up irrigation with them and grow something!

That will be my plan.  Someone hold me accountable for this!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hello my friends!

I haven't posted in quite a while (other than the WTF post from today.  Kind of funny how a ridiculous movie about a shark/weather situation can inspire you to blog.  HAHAA!).  I'm still alive. I actually started writing this post about a week ago but never completed or posted it.

My brain still thinks of things.  Lots of things.  Sometimes it wont shut up and I can't sleep.  I am not sure if the following will even make sense.  It might just be a jumbled mess of words.  Oh well, I want them out of my head for right now.

If you keep up with my blog or know me, you know that I am in the middle of a divorce.  It sucks.  You can get married in an instant but it can take a year for it to end.

Divorce is a bitch.  No one planning their wedding plans out how it will end also.

I am at a point in my life where this is definitely not where I had planned on being.  When you assume that you wont ever end up getting married and are certain you don't want kids...but then you end up married, then when you find out you are pregnant...  You think; "yeah, we can do this because we are a team!  We are going to go through this together!"

Then what?  What do you do when your other team member decided that they were going to secretly trade themselves to another team?  When you have quit your job to stay home and help your child that is behind in development.  What do you do?  What do you do while you are in limbo waiting for divorce to finalize?  Do you do as you have been doing or do you do what is necessary to survive?

I have been trying to keep everything the same for my child.  I have not changed my routine.  Let me tell you though, it is a bitch.  Not having any money and being dependent on others.  It really sucks.  It is depressing.

I am not going to get into anymore details about all the things that suck (there is a long list of things that suck and that saying, you know the one... "When it rains, it pours" makes total sense every day) and that feeling of limbo, bleh...but what I will do is give a little advice that I have learned.

Don't put yourself in last place.
I know like most wives and mothers, you are living for your family.  Worrying/doting/caring...I am not saying don't do that.  Also not saying to make yourself #1.  At least put yourself in the same place as your husband/wife/partner/lover/significant other/etc.   Make yourself just as important because YOU MATTER.  Simply put, just take care of yourself.  I didn't do things because I didn't think that spending money on me for things rather than my family was something I wanted to do.  Now I am scrambling with some things because I have no clue what my insurance situation will be when this is over.  I found out this week that one of the things isn't going to end up being a surgery...that has been a fear as of lately.

This leads me to another point...

Prepare for your future.
I hadn't worked a job that had 401K nor did I really have a savings.  Getting old and retiring wasn't something that I had really even thought about before I got married either.  Not that I thought I would be young forever or thought I would marry into money.  I just never thought about the future.  When I had my child, it somehow clicked that I had a future to plan for and was glad that my husband's job had that taken care of for the most part.  I have no clue what the future will bring now.

I wish that I would have started saving a long time ago.

Don't be the only one that takes pictures.
There always seems to be one person in the family that takes the photos..and takes a lot of them.  Well, that is me.  I like to look and reminisce about fun moments in time.  I got really nuts with the photos once the child came into my life.  The trouble with me taking all the photos?  Well, I have tons of photos of my child growing up that contain my future ex-husband.  Great.  There are some vacations where you wouldn't even know that I went.  It simply looks like a father and son trip.

Don't let opportunities pass you by.
When you are in this limbo stage, this purgatory between marriage and divorce, a lot of thinking happens.  You think of all the paths not taken and the paths you ran down.  Don't put things off.  I don't mean things like doing the dishes and cleaning house.  Let that stuff go to do other things.  I have a sink full of dishes and a kitchen table that I cannot see the surface of currently because I let that crap go to have the most fun that I could with my son. I have been trying to do as much fun as I can with him when money and the weather allows.  There are so many fun things to do in the St. Louis area and it is so much fun to make memories with him...and take plenty of pictures of the two of us now.

Appreciate and communicate with your friends and family.
Sometimes it seems people get wrapped up in their own lives.  It is an easy thing to do.  I have lots of friends that have gotten married/in relationships and/or have had children and kind of drop off the face of the Earth. Important life events take up lots of time...planning weddings, having is a lot of work. Without Facebook, what would we do?  That being said, we all need to do more.  Just seeing and posting things on Facebook is how we know what is going on without actually talking to people.  We have created this society of social awkwardness.  We know everything because of posts on social media so when we are with these people at a gathering, we have no clue what to talk about because we are afraid we will sound like we are lurkers.  So talk to your friends, at least send them a private message or text now and then asking how they are.  Seriously.  There could come a time where you don't have these friends because you lost touch with them.  I need to follow this a little better.

I am sure I will post other "nuggets of wisdom"  (AKA: "Things I have learned from my mistakes") as I continue this journey, but that is all I have now. 

WTF (Weekly Terrible Film) - Sharknado

It is a simple formula in the math of SYFY.  Shark + tornadoes = Sharknado.

The SYFY original movies have become something wonderful. Next week there is a film called "Blast Vegas" and I am sure it will be fantabulous!

With Sharknado, SYFY has come up with a masterpiece!  This seriously is the "BEST" ridiculous SYFY movie so far.

This movie stars Tara Reid, Ian Ziering, and John Heard.  Two of them should be proud as this is the finest film they have been involved in.

John Heard should not be proud.  He has been in so much and I cannot unsee him as Kevin McCallister's dad from the Home Alone franchise.

For this WTF, I will just post the picture I took of my television of the BEST SCENE EVER and let you read the ridiculous FB thread as friends watched the movie.

While it is possible that there might be spoilers, I think it will just make you want to watch the movie even more.
What is happening in this picture?  Do you want to know?  Avert your eyes if you don't want this spoiler...but this is one of the last scenes of the movie.  That is Ian Zeiring with a chainsaw jumping into the mouth of a shark that is falling from the sky.  He goes in, everyone thinks he has died to save them...but low and behold, the most predictable thing happens - he cuts himself out the back of the shark with the chainsaw.  Yes.  That happened.

And now the ridiculous FB Thread.  I am the green comments.

I tried to find a sound clip of the song at the end credits and was not successful.  It was like the "Dog Show" SNL skit with just a drum banging and people yelling...except instead of yelling "Dog Show!" they yelled "SHARKS!"

If you love ridiculous movies or just need something to laugh at, GO WATCH THIS MOVIE!