Saturday, December 22, 2012

Boot makeover!

Do you have an old pair of boots that you have worn to their death?  Well, why not try something crazy with them before trashing them?

I had worn this black pair for probably three years and they were toast.  The fake leather was scuffed so bad that I just couldn't wear them anymore.
 Can you see those scuffs and gouges?
 The scuffs and gouges were on both boots and mainly around that strap that goes around the ankle.
  So what to do with my old friends?  Why PAINT THEM of course.  Why not.  I am not sure the exact thing that made me have this idea, but during the thought process I remembered that I had a shirt from Old Navy that had a gold sequined checking my paint stash I found that I had some gold, brown, wood tone, and clear coat.  This boot painting was going to happen!
 My boots had an elastic panel that I wasn't sure how the paint would take or if it would flake I just taped this off.
 I stuffed the boots with paper to make them stand up and then taped around the inside and put a plastic bag in the top to keep paint out of the inside.
 Of course I didn't take pictures of the paint layering process...but here is the end result.  The gold was so GOLD which is why the brown was added over the top.. The brown paint was a Rustoleum brand and the nozzle kind of splattered the paint.  Oh well, the effect was pretty cool.  I went over with the wood tone paint (which was a floral paint) and then put a clear coat on top.

I wore them for a good 12 hours the next day and they actually didn't do too bad.  The gold wore away around where the boots crease...but nothing that a quick touch up couldn't fix if I wanted to wear them again..

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