Thursday, November 15, 2012

Episode VI - Return of the Doggy

It is funny, a friend of mine actually asked me yesterday about a neighbor update - and by coincidence, I had one.
So over the weekend my father and I were working at getting the leaves out of the yard.  It was nice out, the neighbor was not home (of course), and her dogs were all inside barking nonstop.

I know what you are thinking, "They are barking inside her house, so what is the big deal?"  Older homes really close to each other with thin windows...yeah, that's the big deal.  They may as well have been outside.

I can ignore the barking...but the the smell that the wind was bringing from her yard --BARF..  I almost threw up on the side of my house when I attempted to clean leaves on that side of my house.  Let me bring up that the weather was unseasonably warm and I could have opened windows on that side of the house if I wanted my whole house to smell of dog feces.  I have a dog.  I have lived in the country...there are animal smells you cannot help and then there are the ones you can.

She thinks that she is a dog lover for having so many dogs.  I say she is the opposite.  If you are going to have FIVE dogs, make time to be with them and care fore them.  Don't be gone from 7 am until 9 pm just to let them out and go to bed.  That is animal cruelty.

Anyway, I went online and filled out the forms again for both animal control (for the amount of dogs and barking) and code enforcement (for the shit smell).

I received a call yesterday morning from animal control regarding my online complaint.  It seems my neighbor filled out the paperwork for the permit to have all the dogs (it has not been approved as of yet).  The animal control officer stated she had several names, phone numbers, and addresses of all the neighbors within 75 feet of her residence.  This included my house.  She had my husband and his cell number down.  I called him.  If you follow along, you may know that we are currently separated...  I was surprised that he answered the phone actually.  I asked him about giving his name and number to the neighbor and asked if he had signed anything.  To me this seemed so ridiculous.  He has lived here.  He knows the issues.  He has the same problem with it.  Why on Earth would he sign that this is okay?

So, remember this post?  The one with the cookies?  Well, the husband isn't sure to the details but he now seems to remember giving his number that day.  He doesn't remember if they said anything about getting a permit or anything.

Yeah, the husband is not so great with details, retaining much information, or honesty (good luck with that mistress) so he was no help on getting a straight answer.  I called the animal control officer back and told her again that he does not live at my home, he is not the home owner, and I most certainly DO NOT give my consent for her to keep so many dogs when she is NOT home and does NOT care for them.  The animal control officer stated that they would be following up with the others that are listed because it seems that some of the signatures look similar.  Hmm...interesting.  Maybe she told lies when she went around to the neighbors with the cookies and she thought that there would be no follow up.

Something else interesting is that she needs to get permission from people within 75 feet of her residence - yeah- there is a business next door to her, business across the street, vacant lot behind her, vacant building behind me, then my house, rental house across from me...then vacant house.  So it seems that I being the only real neighbor touching her property line should have the most say in this.

Wonder if I can get a petition signed from all the people within 75 feet.  I guess if it comes down to her getting to keep these dogs, then I will get something like this made for my yard.
Maybe I will get several signs made.  People had all sorts of ugly signs in their yards for the election, I think I can have some that are true.

I am also thinking that this will not be the last posting on the neighbor and I should have went with a different movie franchise as I am out of Star Wars references until Disney gets their movie made.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Some cheaters quit their jobs...

I am still alive people.  It just really sucks when you can't say what you really want to say so it is best not to say anything at all so I will just say a little something about what happened yesterday...

David Petaeus stepped down. So looks like I can talk about cheaters for a minute.
"After being married for over 37 years, I showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair. Such behavior is unacceptable, both as a husband and as the leader of an organization such as ours. This afternoon, the President graciously accepted my resignation," 
The director of the CIA stepped down because of an affair.  Sure he was caught so he had to come clean.  He didn't come up with some lies.  He stepped up, admitted what he had done, and then stepped down from his job. I am not saying all cheats need to step down from their job.  His situation was different. His job is a position of honor and since he was dishonorable, that kind of makes him less credible so everything he did would be under a magnifying glass.

But still having the balls to admit to the world and saying that the behavior is unacceptable as a husband.  That is where I am jealous. That admission. 

That is where I will end it.  Someday I hope to be back blogging all the time.