Sunday, October 7, 2012

Horsing around...

So the other night while browsing the interwebs I ran across a picture of a kid on a hobby horse.  You know, those horse heads on a stick where you get to pretend you are galloping around the house on your swift steed?  I remember my brother and I both got some one Christmas...and in remembering them, I know that my mother made them.  I am crafty, surely I can do this...

I first see what all craft supplies I have...I have several colors of leftover fleece.  Brown from two Halloweens ago (FYI if you are going to be He-Man, you can use brown fleece to make perfect He-Man boots that will go over your shoes and with elastic stay above your calf.  LOL), cream felt from making a giant pair of dice five years ago (because if you are having a Vegas-themed wedding reception, then you need a card box that is made to look like giant dice)...and then the pink fleece I think came from when I bought scraps of fabric to make clothes for the dog.  Yes.  I am that person, but having a kid to deal with has lead me away from that path.  In my defense she is a dachshund and was in the process of being trained for wiener dog racing and the costume contests that sometimes go with events that have the racing...oh, this doesn't defend me?  Oh well.

So I figured the horse could be brown and I could cut the cream fleece into strips for the mane.  I knew that I had polyester fiberfill downstairs and also had a dowel rod from when we redid the closets.

I set off on the interwebs browsing pictures of hobby horses to see how I wanted to draw mine up-- but then I ran across the most perfect horse ever, and it was on a blog with pattern and instructions!

Since I used the pattern and instructions from Mad Mim, I wont show pictures of the process because hers are perfect...but I will show the few things I changed.
There is no way I am skilled enough to do any sort of embroidering whatsoever!  So while I was out, I picked up some large buttons for the eyes (I knew I had smaller buttons at home for the nose).  So .78 cents is all I spent on this besides time!  Above is the finished horse, but you can see the button eyes and nose. --you can also see where I somehow sewed under his jaw weird.  I am not ripping the seam out.  This horse will just have a little character.
I followed the directions pretty closely...except in place of where she uses yarn, I used fleece for the mane.  I just cut into skinny strips.  When it got to the part where I was stuffing the nose and head, that is when I threaded the buttons through.  I added some hot glue behind the buttons after know how toddlers are...
Then the other change I did was sew a little seam around the bottom where I threaded a thin ribbon through. I tied that tight around the groove in the dowel and then ran some hot glue around for added security.  Let's face it, I am giving it to a toddler...It is going to be handled pretty rough.

All of the cutting out and most of the sewing happened during his nap.  We ate dinner and then I finished up his horse.  I tell you, it does feel good to see that awestruck look on his face that says "holy cow, mommy is magic!"

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  1. I love what you did with the hair! Getting the hair in is definitely the hardest part, so I like your solution. May need to use this same method next time (if ever) I make a horse !