Thursday, July 26, 2012

Someone went shopping with my money...

This is one of the reasons for my blogging laziness a toward the end of June...of course I seem to be a little blog lazy this week too, but I assure you I have been doing some seriously overdue cleaning...

Anyway, someone got both my and my husband's debit card numbers and did a little shopping.  All of the phone calls consumed so much time.

I have had someone use my debit card before.  Years ago, like before they got their shit together internet security.

I thought though I was smart in my purchases to not have this issue...but something went wrong somewhere.

I got an email from "Amazon Gift Cards" and the subject was "your order with"  - well, I ignored that one because I didn't order anything.  I figured it was just another spammy scam email.  Then I got another one from "[email protected]" with the subject "Account Alert : Please Read" - uh oh.

So I look at the account alert one.  It explained that they recognized that my card was used by a third party to make purchases.  CRAP!  I looked at the other email - they ordered a $300 gift card.  DOUBLE CRAP!  I want to know where that gift card was being sent.  The email they sent me to alert me of the fraud said they removed the charges and order from my account...well, I want to know who this person was.  Surely there was an address where this gift card would be sent.

While wondering this I check my bank account.  TRIPLE CRAP!  There are five pending transactions just sitting there.   Some of the charges are for that $1 where these people see if it is a valid charge...but the one to CVS is for almost $100.  The Amazon giftcard one isn't on the list (that was $300) but they let a $1 charge go through (which I cannot find record of on I am guessing they opened a new account to use my card# and Amazon was able to link the card to my account and figured out something was fishy?  I have sent them an email asking this and other questions but their only reply is that they are handling it on their end).

I called and cancelled my Debit card...but of course it was around midnight when I did so I wasn't able to talk to anyone that could answer questions about my account.  It wasn't until the next morning that I found out that one of the charges was from my husband's debit card.  The CVS one that shows as a point of sale transaction at a CVS in Alexandria, VA.  This person tells me that both my husband and I have to go into the bank and sign paperwork for the fraudulent charges but it would be best to wait until they have all cleared or else we would have to come back and do it again for those.


So I ask the guy "Is there a problem with the security with you guys?  My husband and I are on different schedules, shop different stores, and use different computers when shopping online.  I do not see a connection besides having the same bank account that these are from."   He assures me that there is no problem with them and that there are many other ways people obtain this information.

In the meantime, one of the charges with my debit card is from Experian.  You know, one of the credit bureaus...yeah I guess this is QUADRUPLE CRAP! So calling them was an ordeal in itself.  I simply wanted to know if my card was used to obtain my credit information or used to pay for someone else's.  That is all.  I am not even going to get into the all of the crap I had to do to get to talk to an actual person on this one...but finally I got to speak with "Leonardo" (who I am 100% sure was in India and picked his name because he knows TMNT are a part of American  culture) about my problem.  He was fine in telling me that the credit report that was obtained was for someone with the first name of Shaniquina and after I answered NO to his question of "do you know anyone with this name?" he said he could reverse the charges and cancel any additional charges.  WHEW on it not being my credit info being obtained.

When I went to my financial institution and was told that the forms we would fill out would be for disputing the charges and we have to first contact all of the people and have the charges reversed.  Since I did that with the Experian one, they consider that done and I cannot fill anything about disputing the CVS one until I call them first.   QUINTUPLE CRAP!  So the people I talked to on the phone left out this bit that I needed to contact all of them first.  I only contacted the credit bureau because I was concerned about them possibly getting all my credit info.  I didn't call CVS.  I was able to leave with new debit cards not a wasted trip.  Although after this bank visit is when this happened so that day I guess didn't get better.

When I called CVS, the customer service agent never heard of this happening.  Really?  You have never heard of credit card fraud or you have never heard someone ask you "I live in St. Louis and my debit card was used fraudulently as a point of sale transaction in your Alexandria, VA store.  I would like to know in what instance this is possible and I would like the charges reversed."  I know that thieves can put any numbers on any blank card, but I still want clarification as I am still puzzled as to how this happened to both of our debit cards the same evening.  This lady cannot find the information and says that it takes a few days for details to show on their end.  She said I would need to call back in a day or so and she took all of my information on the situation and gave me a reference number so they would be able to look further into it.

Days later I call back and they are able to find the info.  They said that a card was used and they bought cigarettes.  That is all she would give me besides the transaction number and time of sale so that when my bank filed the paperwork, they would be able to pull up the transaction on the surveillance.

So back to the bank to fill out all paperwork.  Of course this guy starts asking us questions like we are idiots.  Um no, we did not give anyone permission to use our card.  I pointed out that there was no way that the husband's actual card was used in that CVS in VA since within hours the husband used that same very card in our local grocery store.   At this point the bank dude offers up that there was a processing center that was compromised and that is most likely where this issue occurred.  He went on to say that the problem wasn't related to the bank but to a processing center that handles transactions for several retailers.

What's with all the secrecy?  Why wasn't this on the news to alert people to keep a close eye on their money because card numbers were given out to thieves.

Anyway, bank dude said that this most likely would return to our bank account within 10 days because it was apparent that we did not do this.  The money has been back in the account...but still, what a pain.

Alright, I am done bitching for now.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rock of Ages - not a WTF!

When I say not a WTF, I mean not a Weekly Terrible Film - but it is kind of a WTF in the traditional sense as "WTF? Why didn't this do well?"

I went to our local $1 show (St. Andrews Cinema) last night and seen this movie.  Let me first start by saying that I was surprised it was already at the $1 show and out of the "real theaters" since it had only came out last month...

I thought it was FANTASTIC.

Of course you have to love the 80's, 80's rock, and musicals to also feel this way.

Let me tell you it was hard not leap out of my seat so I could dance and sing along --or was that because I had two large margaritas before hand?  

I am guessing the marketing was bad on this.  It had to be.  Maybe it was released at the wrong time?  Maybe because they focused on Tom Cruise as being in the movie that might have been a turn off?  I didn't really like his character at all.  Yes, he performed well but he is not my favorite.

Okay, so just now I looked for trailers to link to this and none of the trailers were impressive.  In fact, NONE of them made me want to see the movie.  Seriously, the trailers for this were horrible.
 H   O   R   R   I   B   L   E
I must have blocked these from my mind.  Good thing thing or else I probably wouldn't have wanted to waste the dollar.  You can look up the trailers if you want, but they either tried to cram too much in so it was a big hot mess of stimulation overload or else they were boring.  That marketing group seriously needs a good slap on the wrist for this one.  They blew it.

This movie had a lot of star power (besides the aforementioned Tom Cruise) there was also, Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Bryan Cranston, Paul Giamatti, Mary J. Blige, Julianne Hough, Kevin Nash (you ladies might know him better as Tarzan in "Magic Mike"), Malin Akerman,  Will Forte,  and T.J. Miller (okay, not a shiny star...but I enjoyed him as Stainer on "She's out of my League").  Oh, I guess I should mention Diego Boneta.  He plays Drew which is one of the main characters.  He has done a few little things but I believe he is a shinier star in Mexico.

Also keep your eyes peeled for cameos...Constatine Maroulis as a record executive -yeah, not a cameo that I noticed but some of you might know him from when he was an American Idol contestant.  Did you know he also was nominated for a Tony Award in 2009 for his performance as Drew in this musical?

Toward the end look for Debbie Gibson, Kevin Cronin, and Sebastian Bach...OOOH, I found a clip on youtube of them..wish this clip was longer!
I love seeing actors in roles that are unexpected (like singing and dancing).  Sure Julianne Hough, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Russell Brand have been in roles that required singing ( Footloose, Chicago, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall/Get him to the Greek respectively) and of course Mary J. Blige has sung a song or two (LOL) --but the others?  Tom Cruise wasn't bad, but it made my night seeing Alec Baldwin singing.  SPOILER ALERT -It really made my night at a sad moment in the movie when Dennis (Alec Baldwin) feels all is lost with his club and his employee Lonny (which is played by Russell Brand) starts singing REO Speedwagon's "Can't fight this Feeling" to him, and it becomes a beautiful (yet comical) duet.  Seriously my chest was hurting from the laughing - not that I thought it was funny that their characters found love, but because they seemed an unlikely pair and their actions while the duet. Oh here, I found the song on youtube...oh I wish there was a clip from the movie and not just the song!
There is also hilarity when they touch on the introduction of boy band craze - man, I had totally blocked out the bright colors and ridiculous outfits with the funky fresh dance moves.  Don't get me wrong, I did love my NKOTB - it is just weird (and hilarious) now seeing it introduced.

I think that I may have to go see this at least one more time while it is at the $1 Show - in fact, I might even say that I have to own this movie when they release it on DVD...which info on the internet points to September/October DVD release date.  Maybe this will stay at here for a bit then.  Fingers crossed (because with their 4pm and 9pm showings, it will be hard to get friends to see this through the work week).

Sure, I can see why you wouldn't want to take my word for it since I am addicted to watching bad movies.  So find out for yourself if you are anywhere near St. Charles, MO and can spare a $1(This is also playing at the Keller 8 but it looks like they are $4 there).

Friday, July 20, 2012

Crap! The end might be here!

Seriously.  Has the world gone completely bonkers?

It is hard to think that it isn't when you wake up to news stories about someone shooting up a theater at a midnight showing of Batman.

I seriously just wrote this last night about Limbaugh and his crazy notions about the Batman movie...was this guy prompted by Limbaugh's rantings?  I mean really, with all of the shit slinging that goes on with campaigns I wouldn't be surprised if this ends up being used somehow to try and get votes.

The yahoo news article mentions the suspect's mother... 

A San Diego woman identifying herself as James Holmes's mother spoke briefly with ABC News this morning.
She had awoken unaware of the news of the shooting and had not been contacted by authorities. She immediately expressed concern that her son may have been involved.
"You have the right person," she said.
"I need to call the police," she added. "I need to fly out to Colorado

So by that reaction should she be held accountable as well?  To know that they have the right person means she knew that he had the means and/or motive to do such a thing.  So had she ever thought about contacting authorities to check in on her son before he would commit this tragedy?

While we are talking about parent accountability, articles I have read mention there being a 3 month old baby  and "children" as being among the victims.  

Now this is where I will sound like a mean mommy and I know it is summer break - but why on earth are there children at a midnight showing of a movie?  More importantly, why is there a 3 month old baby at a midnight showing of this movie?  Sure, parents need to get out and do things but I will guarantee that the movie will still be playing the next day when you can get a babysitter.  

Here is a poorly written article from the UK which reads more like it is yelling facts out at you.  The comments section though is crazy.  One person asked why there was a baby at the movie and that caused the comments to go all over the place with for and against taking a baby to the movies.  One said "Babies very often have weird sleeping schedules. You just have to work with it." --hmm, me thinks this person takes their baby to the movie also.  I only recently took my kid to the movie and he is THREE - and not even a "real" movie.  The $1 that shows older movies.

Is this though what is wrong with society?  We introduce children to violence in films/games/television too early on?  

Now I am getting off on a tangent and I know that I have bitched about this before on another post - but really, where are the good family shows?  The Cosby Shows, ALF, Growing Pains, Roseanne....It seems every thing now is a Crime show with either cops, lawyers, or crime scenes.  Video games where little pixels where you had to use your imagination...if only we had a time machine to turn back time and fix the world.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Is the end near?

Seriously.  There just seems to be too much kookiness going on.  Is it the 2012 Mayan thing that is bringing out the crazies?  The ridiculous heat wave?  The upcoming election?

Now I do some kooky today for instance.  It has been ridiculously hot outside so I brought the toddler's small pool inside and set it up in the kitchen.  So we have a pool in the kitchen.  No big deal.

While eating lunch though I heard something on the news that made me wonder if it might be best if we detonate the planet ourselves.

I had on the news as background noise and what was the story that was just on?  Did I hear that right? Skip back that DVR...what?  Rush Limbaugh feels there is a conspiracy with the new Batman movie?  Something about the Bane character and Romney and how Obama came up with this scheme?  Seriously?

I don't pay much attention to politics as it is and I definitely do not during an election year.  I don't have time to keep track on who is slinging the most shit.  In fact I may as well be cut off from the world with politics knowledge, so I am not familiar with Romney and something called Bain -not to be confused with  Bane, the bad guy in the new Dark Knight film. - WAIT, it is being confused as that.  Again.  WHAT?).

So I did what I always do when I want to know more.  GOOGLE.

I found these quotes of what Limbaugh said...

"The movie has been in the works for a long time, the release date's been known, summer 2012 for a long time. Do you think that it is accidental, that the name of the really vicious, fire-breathing, four-eyed, whatever-it-is villain in this movie is named Bane?" Limbaugh said Tuesday.
"This movie, the audience is going to be huge, [a] lot of people are going to see the movie. And it's a lot of brain-dead people, entertainment, the pop culture crowd," Limbaugh said. "And they're going to hear 'Bane' in the movie, and they are going to associate Bain. And the thought is that when they start paying attention to the campaign later in the year, and Obama and the Democrats keep talking about Bain, not Bain Capital, but Bain, Romney and Bain, that these people will think back to the Batman movie."
Wait.  WHAT?  So let's forget for a minute that they are suggesting that Obama has control of Hollywood and the movies (and also I guess space and time since the Bane character was introduced in the 90's so he was able to go forward in time to see that he would be running for POTUS and his who his opponent was able to devise this crazy scheme)...but let's just look at the fact that he thinks the people that see Batman will see that Bane is a bad guy and then figure out that Romney is a bad guy because of Bain? this logic I can see that the only solution for Romney is to legally change his name to Batman.  That would fix it right?
Seriously.  I wasn't voting for Romney anyway (I kind of like the SKELETOR 2012 campaign) but Limbaugh sounds nuts and I am sure he has a ton of people now that heard him and think he is onto something.  This means that there is a large group of these dumb dumbs.  They better not go see Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter or else they will believe a lot of other Presidential conspiracies exist.  
Now I have to GOOGLE this "Bain Capitol" thing to find out if it is a suit with some mask thing that Romney wears and it covers his mouth with tubey things because this is the only way that I can see that Limbaugh could tie the Batman Bane to the Romney Bain..  
Minutes later and Google complete.  All I got out if it was "Blah blah blah money blah blah" and that Romney was one of the founders back in 1984.  

Okay.  So this is like Batman's Bane how?  Seriously.  I don't understand.  Now I have never been a Limbaugh fan and I will tell you that ever since reading Stephen King's "The Stand" ---yeah, when they describe what happens to the people when they get "captain trips," I always pictured them turning into Rush Limbaugh...I think because of the "tube neck" description.

Man, all I can think of is Limbaugh's followers feeding into this conspiracy and it reminds me of the conspiracy that started last month here in St. Louis.  The Military has been conducting vehicle training downtown...oh the conspiracy theories on that one.  I wont go into detail but if you are wondering about it... Shit Saint Louis Says does a FANTASTIC job on that one.

But really, I guess if Obama is behind this movie then why is he doing all of these fundraisers?  This movie will do well at the box office...

Rush, are you back on the pain killers?  Either stop, take some more, or switch to bath salts.  Seriously.   

WTF (Weekly Terrible Film) - Casa de mi Padre


I am not sure that I should have this as my WTF as this film was meant to be terrible.  Yes, terrible on purpose.  The problem with movies like this is that they don't do well in the theater.  Why- because people like me don't want to pay $10 to see a terrible movie - I either want it free on SYFY or super case it was free because I had a coupon with Redbox.

First off, let me say that I thought Will Ferrell was pretty good in this.  From what I understand, he does not speak Spanish.  So kudos making a movie where almost all of your lines are in Spanish.  

Now, let me now say that most of the lovers of terrible movies have quit watching right away because you don't really get to watch the movie because you have to read the subtitles.  Yes.  I mentioned Spanish earlier...this entire movie is in Spanish.  If you don't speak Spanish and are reading the subtitles, then you miss out on all of the continuity flaws that are on purpose.   Yes, again on purpose.  

The continuously purposeful continuity flaws were funny at first, then they made me mad.  It was like they took away the joy of discovering a mistake because they were throwing them in my lap.

The opening scene for example with the bandanna covering his mouth, then not covering, then covering, and finally not...this is while he is picking up a small calf....a calf which is red when he is walking up to it but is now black when he has turned around with it in his arms.  There is a drink scene later on where the drinks and glasses are changing as we cut back and forth around the room.  Also you have to watch where they stick a mannequin in here and there instead of a person (SPOILER ALERT -  there is a mannequin used in the sex scene too).  It then becomes a game to watch for the flaws rather than reading the story at all.

I am not going to lie, there are parts of the movie that I don't know what happened with the story line because I was watching his poorly hand-rolled cigarette change to a "store bought" then be in his mouth, and not his mouth, then in his pocket, then in his mouth...

Here let me give you the gist of the story so that if you do watch this, you can ignore those pesky words and focus on finding the goofs.

Ferrell's character is the son of a rancher.  His dad treats him like crap and his younger brother is the golden boy.  He made it big being a "successful businessman" in America *cough cough drug dealer*....yeah, their mom was killed by a drug dealer.  It is the classic ranch in trouble and ranchers battling the drug dealers over land and corrupt police scenario.  Oh, that's not a "classic?"  Whatevs.

The movie wasn't terrible...well, maybe it would be if it had cost me money to see.  Maybe a drinking game revolving around the continuity flaws - no, don't try that unless you keep someone sober to make sure no one needs to get their stomach pumped - wait, scratch that - the sober person is the one that ends up drawing on someone with a sharpie.

I will leave you with this little song from the is kind of catchy - well, I sang along with it anyway.  It isn't hard since the words are all right there on the screen.

Okay, so one more thing...I was trying to find the scene were Will is injured and he has this kind of "hippy trippy vision quest" thing...couldn't find that but I did watch the theatrical trailer.  It looks good...maybe the problem is this being a full film...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Is this a sign?

Is this a sign?  A sign that I am not supposed to be a couch potato?

I have been a Dish Network customer for YEARS...they dropped my AMC at the beginning of the month.  So, I am dropping them.

First I called and you know what?  Just so they wont lose customers over this, they offered to give me a ROKU and pay for my AMC programming from iTunes or Amazon.  Really?  Just seemed like they were trying to show AMC that they didn't need them when really they were jumping through hoops to buy the AMC programming without having AMC in the line up.  Hrm...

I am working on clearning out my DVR before I cancel.

Sure, I could keep them and go with their offer of the ROKU, but I also started missing some of the channels  last month when my tree grew a little more.  The HUGE old trees that made me like the house are now keeping me from my TV!  There is no option to move the Dish and hell if i am going to pay a ridiculous amount of money trimming a tree just for the sake of watching TV -although it is a stupid sweet gum tree and it wouldn't be bad to lose some of those branches that litter my yard with those freaking things!

My only other option for paid TV is Charter.  I had a bad experience with them like 15 or so years ago and I am still bitter.  So I am not really happy with them being my only choice.  Before you ask, U-verse is not available in my area (yet I have it for internet...get with the program people!) and I was going to switch to Direct TV a few years ago and they flat out told me "Nope, not with that tree.  If you are getting picture on that Dish then you need to stay with them."  Seriously, Direct told me to stay with Dish.  I bet that is a first and only moment right there.

When calling about pricing for Charter, I found that for the programming I get now (or would get with Dish if my tree wasn't being a bitch and growing and they didn't drop AMC) and with HD DVR, I will end up spending an extra $20 or so per month.  That just is annoying.  So the husband suggests we don't have anything.  Just get a booster for the antenna and watch "regular" tv.  I have been seriously thinking of this.  I can watch lots of shows online and rent the shows on DVD if I can't.

Well, I could until I quit my Blockbuster account.  Oh, a little back story...I had Netflix for YEARS and when they did their price hike, I dropped them and went to Blockbuster.  It was great at first.  I had two stores really close to me so I could get things in the mail and then exchange in the store for other movies.  Then the stores near me closed.  Then the mailing seemed to get slower.  I was paying $15 for two at a time unlimited.  Well, the postal service made the unlimited to equal once per week.  So the two movies per week and with four weeks in a month, this equals eight movies.  Um, I can go to Redbox (which there are probably 50 closer to me than the next nearest Blockbuster store now!) and get 8 movies for a less than $15.  Sure I will not be able to get the obscure movies...

The final straw though was that I had a movie sitting here for about a week because I didn't have time to watch it.  Now that the husband switched to days, he kind of screwed up my movie watching.  The movie was a chick flick that he didn't want to watch and with the Blu-ray player being in the living room and us being busy...yeah, I didn't have time to watch it until today and the freaking DVD was cracked!  ARG!  I didn't check the disks.  Usually the husband gets the mail and he opens them up to see what the movie is and then will tell me later on that such and such came today.  So I never think of checking out if the disk is fine.  I have had more disks that were cracked or scratched to where they wouldn't play with Blockbuster than I did with all the years with Netflix.

I have thought of going back to Netflix for the streaming.  We have a DVR and a few game systems that allow Netflix is that giving up and crawling back?  I don't like to crawl back.

So now what to do?  Cable?  Nothing?  Redbox? Netflix?  My Blu-ray player has amazon and other capabilities...maybe I should explore this?

Friday, July 13, 2012

COMIC-CON --Costumes!

The best thing of all might be the people watching aspect of the Con.  Seeing super fans dressed up in their favorite character or a group of friends dressed up to form a team...something about that is just great.  Am I alone in thinking this?  Do I think this way because Halloween is my FAVORITE Holiday and I love to come up with fun costumes (the last few years my husband and I have dressed up in costumes that went together...Frankenberry/Count Chocula, He-man/She-Ra, and last year we were Leela/Fry).

There were so many amazing costumes that I didn't get pictures of...the Centaur with working back legs.  Seriously, this was amazing!  The Silver Surfer, this guy had silver paint everywhere and wore silver undies.

I wish I had tickets for the day where they have the Masquerade.  Yes.  Competition for costumes!

Below are some of the great costumes I was able to capture...

This guy up there, he was my favorite.  Not because he was a half-naked guy, but because he had no fear. He is being interviewed for the news right now.  Just showing off his Superman guns to the camera. Pay no attention to me news watchers as my camera is flashing on him.
This one is a little blurry...but there were a lot of ladies dressed up as "hot" whatevers...that is "hot Pikachu" walking away.  She was almost too fast for me.  I just realized though the chick with the Wonder Woman cape in the bottom right corner...yeah, she made an appearance in the games post.  Oh how I wish I knew what happened to that video!  I know I took a video of them dancing!
Little superfans posing with big superfans!
Check out this group!  This is friendship!
This guy had a home made chainmail outfit.  It is just silver mesh material.
The picture above and the below were of the same group.  These people spent serious time and money on these Transformers costumes.  Yes.  Those are costumes and those are just regular attendees.  They posed right in front of the giant Optimus Prime statue at The HUB booth.  Seriously, these guys put some serious work on these costumes.  They have real wheels and working lights.  Is there something more I can call them besides "costume" ???  I feel so inadequate wearing just a T-shirt and capris.  As you can imagine, these guys drew quite a crowd of people wanting to photograph them.  Notice the little kid in the Bumblebee costume in front of the Serious Bumblebee guy.

Captain America was a popular one since the movie had just came out.

Hit Girl!  
Jean Grey/Phoenix and Scott Summers/Cyclops
This is an awesome Bowser costume and I almost missed it because I did not have my camera ready - actually I was fumbling for the camera to take a picture of the Sonic the Hedgehog costume and totally missed that too!  That chick was wearing all blue and had blue spiked up hair.  Oh a picture is so much better than trying to imagine the image...

As you can see in the two pictures above and two pictures below, Star Wars of course is a popular choice.
Unfortunately I didn't stick around for them to finally get their pose completed.  

I really wish this one was not blurry.  You can tell it was toward the 
end of the day as we have resting Joker and Harley Quinn
This is a Tron costume.  He made this one using colored duct tape on black jacket and pants.  You too can make this costume!  Oh, sorry for the picture, we were eating and sitting...totally wasn't going to get up for a better shot.
Can you see them?  Mine Craft fans in line for the escalator.

This is the final post about my experience at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 -unless I finish the craft post.  I will just tell you I bough an extra bag on Ebay because I thought the graphic would make a fun purse.  I made the guinea pig purse out of the one side but haven't made the purse I want out of the other...not sure when time will allow me to finish - next week perhaps?

Hopefully this time next year I will be blogging from SDCC2013!

COMIC-CON - Games!

Sure there are plenty of gaming specific conventions but what would a geeky pop culture event be without games?

There was opportunity to play games everywhere and what a great place to introduce new games. You seen in my fan experience post that they had a big display set up for Saints Row The Third - this was just one of many (I wish that I would have gotten a picture of the huge Bioshock display on the floor, it was pretty awesome).

This is the Just Dance 3 booth.  I can't help it, I do love the Just Dance game franchise.  Imitating sweet dance moves in the privacy of your own living room and getting points for it?  Yes! Sign me up!
The G4 booth is what is on top there.  In between filming for the show, they were all watching and laughing at everyone attempting to dance.  Imagine how some of the Con goers are not in the best of shape and are wearing costumes AND ARE DANCING.  Yes.  Comedy Gold.

Here are a few random videos I found on youtube of the dancing.  These guys did pretty good.  Why can't I find videos of the train wrecks?

OH WAIT!  I found a video that the husband took with his cell!  My first Blogger video upload!  The guy on the far right in the green shirt, yeah that is probably how it looks when I dance.  Nothing smooth about those moves. 

Besides games being out on the floor, there were game lounges set up.  The only game lounge that we visited was Nintendo and I think only because it was in the same hotel as the Mattel pick up room (yes, because Mattel let you order the exclusive toys online to pick up there so you didn't have to stand in line at a booth.  Smart thinking Mattel!).  The maps on this post show where this room was located.

They had all sorts of stations set up with the 3DS
The room was dark and everything a blur with the little lighted screens everywhere
Of course they had the Wii with the Just Dance 3 set up also. I thought that I had another picture or a video of this one but I cannot find it.  Belly Dancer, Wonder Woman, Sailer Moon (she is behind WW) were three of the four that danced.  There is just something great about bad dancing in costumes.
Yeah, another random picture of the dancing.  This is because I sat in one of the big bean bag chairs and relaxed for a while.  I walked over 10 miles this day...the resting was allowed!
This guy was drawing the cover of the new Zelda game in chalk and they projected it up on the screen.  This was late afternoon on Thursday and that is as far as he got...good thing he has a few more days to work on it!

Check Back for another post....My FAVORITE!  THE COSTUMES!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

COMIC-CON - giant displays!

If you have read the other posts or are familiar with the San Diego Convention Center, then you know this building is HUGE.  Everyone in this building is trying to make they have to have huge displays to catch your eye so that they get you.
Panoramic of the madness!
Mattel had a large booth and what better to catch the eye of the 30-somethings?  
Apparently as you can see above and below, Voltron is trying to make a comeback.  I have not seen it on TV but I also have not been looking.

They had a huge display of old G.I. Joe toys.  My brother had this U.S.S. Flagg and just sold it and the rest of his childhood memories a few years ago.  The only Joes I had were a few Dreadnoks - I must have thought they were pretty bad-ass. I still have them of course (with weapons and their cards from the bubble pack) as I am a hoarder of my youth. 

Optimus Prime at the Hasbro Booth.  This booth also had the picture below 
where I suggested that the husband pose with the Pony...and he did it.  That is love right there. 
Most of the booths had something huge towering above so that it would catch your attention over the masses of people.
This was the backdrop for the fan experience of being handcuffed to the roof with Merle.

Nickleodeon was promoting Phineas and Ferb as you can see above and they had a little exclusive toy you could buy at the booth. I think they were trying to outdo everyone for tallest display with that Doofenschmirtz balloon...but as you can see below,  Adventure Time is making a BIG appearance with the giant inflatable Jake.  They even had a contest in the booth below for people that dressed up as the characters.  I should be frightened by how many people my age were dressed for this show but sadly I am not.

The three pictures below show that LEGO had life-size figures throughout the floor.  Of course after i think about how cool they are, my mind then goes to wonder the time involved and how many pieces were used.
 There is the LEGO booth in the distance.
 Yes, the picture above is a giant pit of LEGOS and there is a person laying on it. 
 I know it is a tiring day but there are more comfortable areas to pass out.
 This is also in the LEGO booth, I took this picture because I was trying to capture the dude in the center on film.  I couldn't figure out what his costume was supposed to be...did I flat out ask him? No.  I had seen him a few times throughout the day and he was alone.  I was afraid of his alone. LOL - but another thing (besides the amount of LEGOS for sale in this booth) that I notice is the top of the clock from the display that had the Delorean from Back to the Future (there is a picture of it in this post).

Of course there were comics there and I had to take a picture of the Dark Horse booth!
There was a booth set up with Doctor Who memorabilia and it was CROWDED.  This is as close as I could get and the only picture I snapped. I used to watch Doctor Who late Sunday nights on our PBS station.  I loved Doctor Who...have I watched anything past the 6th Doctor? No.
Showtime wasn't going to be left out of having a huge display.  I love Dexter...but if you seen this close up you would have thought they just grabbed a random mannequin for this they only bothered to have the front part of the boat 3D..the side is a poster.
The picture above and below are Kreo blocks - Hasbro's version of LEGOs.  I can't say that I have seen them in the store but their display was pretty impressive since the above picture is an entire wall and below is a pretty detailed Optimus Prime.
 I think that I was planning on putting the below pictures on the Fan Experience post but I guess I forgot...These are costumes from the Dark Knight.
 Harvey Dent/Two-Face - this was worn by Aaron Eckhart
 The Batman! This one was worn by Christian Bale
 and finally THE JOKER!  Worn by Heath Ledger.  
I couldn't help but sing Purple Rain when seeing this suit in person.  It was so purple and so velvety!
Of course there were costumes from the Harry Potter movie franchise.  This had quite a crowd 
and I meant to get back to take better pictures but that didn't happen.  Just too much to do and see.

Check back for another posting on Comic-Con..
I will have at least two more (three if I magically get un-lazy about my project)